Mugwort is a bushy plant with gray-green, very bitter-tasting leaves. One of its more interesting uses is in sleep pillows, where its inclusion is said to encourage vivid dreaming. It's also used as a bitter tonic.

Directions: To make a tea, pour one cup of boiling water over one teaspoon of herb and steep, covered, for five minutes.

Suggested Uses: Mugwort-stuffed sleep pillows have been used for centuries, purportedly to help induce dreaming. Used by itself or with other relaxing herbs such as hops flowers or chamomile, it's easy to make your own sleep pillow.

Another easy, make-your-own use for mugwort is as an ingredient in closet and drawer sachets to help protect woolens in storage.

Mugwort is also used as a bitter tonic and as an appetite stimulant. It is sometimes used as a food flavoring and in an ingredient in some German sausage and some English beers.

Caution/Safety: The Botanical Safety Handbook* classifies mugwort as:

Class: 2b Herbs not to be used during pregnancy.

*Michael McGuffin, ed., American Herbal Products Association's Botanical Safety Handbook, (New York: CRC Press, 1997)

Mugwort Herb, Cut & Sifted, ORGANIC

Mugwort Herb, Cut & Sifted, OR
  • Brand: Frontier Bulk
    Botanical Name: Artemisia vulgaris L.
    Safety Info: Not to be used during pregnancy.
    Directions: To prepare as a tea, pour 8 oz. boiling water over 1-2 teaspoons of herb. Cover and steep for 5-10 minutes, strain and serve immediately.
    Origin: United States
    Organic: Organic
    Kosher: Kosher
    Size: 1 lb
    Package: Bulk Bag
    Introduction Date: 1999-12-01

    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size 1/2 tsp (613mg)
    Amount per Serving
    Mugwort, cut (herb) 225mg*
    * Daily Value not established.

    Common Name: Mugwort Herb
    Plant Part: Herb
    Cut: Cut & Sifted
    Bar Code: 0-89836-02652-1
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