Add freshly ground peppercorns to your cooking repertoire to punch up the flavor in every savory dish. For a peppery burst of flavor, simply grind a few peppercorns during cooking or at the table.

Peppermill, 3 Pepper Blend, ORGANIC

Peppermill, 3 Pepper Blend ORG
  • Brand: Frontier Bulk
    SuggestedUses: A Colorful blend for grinding fresh in your peppermill.
    Ingredients: Organic black peppercorns, organic white peppercorns, organic pink peppercorns.
    Organic: Organic
    Kosher: Kosher
    Size: 1 lb
    Package: Bulk Bag
    BulkImageName: bulk/PeppermillGourmetPepperBlend.jpg
    Introduction Date: 2003-07-08

    Common Name: Peppermill Blends
    Bar Code: 0-89836-02902-7
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