White Sage, also called incense sage, is native to the Southwestern United States and was revered as a sacred herb by Native Americans there. Branches of white sage are burned as incense, for purification, and in sweat baths. This sage is not used as a spice.

To use as incense, place white sage leaves loosely in a fireproof bowl or container. Ignite the white sage leaves and wait for the flame to die out. If it doesn’t, gently blow on the leaves to extinguish the flame. The leaves should continue to smolder and will scent the room.
To use as a smudge, fan white sage smoke from the smoldering leaves over the person or object to be cleansed using one's hand or a feather. To smudge a room, carry the container around the room, making sure the smoke is carried to the whole room.

To make a smudge stick or wand, choose cleansing herbs of your choice, such as white sage, cedar and sweetgrass, and bundle them together, tying them with thread to make a wand. Light the wand and use the smoke to cleanse a person or object. When finished, the wand can be put out by snuffing it in a fireproof bowl or container and saved for future use.

Important: Keep burning white sage, incense or other smudging herbs away from flammable objects, small children and others not able to handle smudging responsibly.

Suggested Uses: White sage is burned for its pleasing scent. When burned as incense, many people feel it creates a feeling of clarity, focus and positive energy. Others use white sage is a sacred ritual with specific steps and language used in the ceremony.

White sage leaves can also be made into a tea and used as a body wash.

Or they can be simmered until they steam and then used as an inhalation or added to a sweat room.

Caution/Safety: Do not burn white sage or other plants around persons with asthma.

Sage (White Incense) Whole

Sage (White Incense) Whole
  • Brand: Frontier Bulk
    Botanical Name: Salvia apiana
    SuggestedUses: Smudging is a traditional Native American use of white sage that involves burning an herb and bathing oneself or an object in its smoke to clear away negative influences and restore balance. The herbs are bundled or placed loosely in a bowl where they are ignited and then extinguished. The resulting smoke is fanned over the person or object to be cleansed using one's hand or a feather.
    Origin: United States
    Kosher: Kosher
    Size: 1 lb
    Package: Bulk Bag
    Introduction Date: 1990-07-01

    Common Name: Sage, White Tops (Incense)
    Plant Part: Leaf
    Cut: Whole
    Bar Code: 0-89836-00979-1
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