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Courtesy of Aura Cacia Essential Oils Found in Our Store

Can a scent warm your home?

Well, it can’t physically heat the space as the cold winter temperatures begin to creep in, but certain scents can influence us on a psychological level, making it feel warmer than it might actually be. This phenomenon is due to the common memories and experiences we share and the aromas that we associate with those warm recollections.

Do you recall how you felt when you were last standing by a crackling fire fueled by dry, fragrantly resinous wood? Or when you were sitting in a kitchen with a warm oven filled with trays of deliciously spiced, baking cookies? Or when you were cupping a steaming mug of hot, cinnamon-spiced cider in your hands?


Memory-scent triggers are powerfully evocative — intertwining memories that inspire recall of scents and scents that inspire recall of memories. Using essential oils that are associated with a warmth-memory trigger to naturally fragrance your holiday home is a safe and toxic-free way to create a warm and cozy holiday atmosphere. (These scents can also cleanse and deodorize the air.)

Warming essential oils to choose from:


Warming Spices Simmer Pot
1 fresh orange, sliced
5 whole cloves
1 cinnamon stick
3 whole star anise
2 drops allspice essential oil
2 drops bay essential oil
2 drops ginger essential oil
2 drops nutmeg essential oil
Directions: Bring 1 quart of water to a steaming simmer on stove. Add whole spices and oil. Simmer to fill house with warm, pleasant aroma.

Warm Woods Diffusion Blend
2 drops frankincense essential oil
2 drops myrrh essential oil
2 drops pine essential oil
2 drops cedarwood essential oil
Directions: Combine oils. Apply drops to replacement pads that come with Aura Cacia’s Room Diffuser. Reapply as needed. Or use a candle aromatherapy lamp: fill bowl with 1/4 water, add oils to water, light candle.

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