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Ceylon Black Tea (Orange Pekoe) High Grown ORGANIC, Fair Trade Certified™ - Put a new twist on tea by serving Ceylon with a slice of orange, instead of lemon. You'll marvel at how well the flavor and aromas meld and support each other. Highly versatile, Ceylon goes well with all the traditional foods of tea time.
Botanical name: Camellia sinensis L.

Ceylon makes a lovely afternoon tea. The high-grown teas have a bright, distinctive flavor.

boiling water
8 cups water
4 to 8 strips ( 3-inch each) orange peel, bitter pith removed
12 whole cloves
9 teaspoons loose orange pekoe tea
2 to 4 orange slices, to garnish
4 cinnamon sticks (3-inch each)
honey to taste
Heat a serving teapot with boiling water. While the serving pot is warming, boil 8 cups of water for making tea.

Stud the orange peels with cloves. Place a clove-studded orange peel at the bottom of each teacup.

When the serving pot is thoroughly warmed, discard the warming water and place 1 teaspoon of loose tea per cup into the teapot. Add 1 additional teaspoon for the pot.

Pour 3 to 5 minutes. Pour the tea through a wire mesh strainer into cups garnished with an orange slice and serve with cinnamon stick on the side. Sweeten if desired.

Ceylon Black Tea (Orange Pekoe) High Grown ORGANIC

  • Brand: Frontier Bulk
    Botanical Name: Camellia sinensis L.
    Directions: To enjoy, pour 6 oz. simmering water (185
    Origin: Sri Lanka
    Fair Tade: Fair Trade
    Organic: Organic
    Kosher: Kosher
    Size: 16 oz
    Package: Foil Bag
    Introduction Date: 1995-12-01
    Common Name: Ceylon Tea
    Grade: High Grown, Orange Pekoe
    Bar Code: 0-89836-01067-4
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