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Updates Related to COVID-19

As you have heard, social distancing, and soap are two of the best defenses we have right now against COVID-19. We will continue to fill orders while supplies last, and will do so as long as conventional shipping is available. 


We are also turning on pre-ordering so that you will get your orders on a first come first serve basis.

You may not be aware that it takes 4 weeks for cold process soap to cure. We are ramping up production and will focus on a few varieties that do not require special ingredients that may not currently be available.

Please bear with us while we focus our production and delivery on the current crisis.  We will make every attempt to keep the inventory current and contact you if any shortages occur. 


You will have the option of substituting for a different product, waiting until it becomes available or receiving a refund. We also anticipate that shipping may be delayed and we have no control over that.


Please stay safe and take care of your family during this trying time.

Image by CDC
Hand Hygiene

Cotton Masks Now Available


We are now ramping up production on cotton masks. We have pleated cotton mask (shown here) and will also have shaped mask that are lined with flannel. We will be adding them initially as pre-order items and will ship as they are made. We just received a shipment of elastic today. 

We will be listing different colors and styles separately over the weekend.

New Goat Milk Soap

We are introducing a line of goat milk soaps. The first soap is full of skin soothing ingredients: Goat milk, oatmeal, honey and lavender!

Checkout the Top five reasons to use goat's milk soap, according to Natural News.


This first batch will be ready at the end of September. We are taking pre-orders now. Soap usually takes 4 weeks to cure before it can ship.

Essential Oils

27 Essential Oils to Purify Air Naturally, From the Aura Cacia Cayenne Room, By Tom Havran
We spend a lot of time indoors during the winter months. All those weeks spent huddling from the cold in our sealed homes and offices aren’t that different from being trapped in the recycled air of an airplane cabin. Think of all that exhaled air you’re re-breathing – the need to purify, cleanse and refresh the atmosphere around you becomes critical. Fortunately, you can do so easily with essential oils. read more
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Mary Millan, March 2016

We now have over 12,000 posts on109 different boards and we are adding more every day.  We try to pin all the good ideas we find on Facebook too so that you can get back to them easier.  Our boards include:


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Feed Your Skin

Tamera Schroeder, November 2012

In an effort to feed my family's skin (especially my toddlers) I've been searching for a replacement for chemical laden skin products as they run out. My youngest child (15 months) has eczema and can react to almost anything that touches his skin. We have gone through a variety of baby washes and lotions available at the big box stores with less than satisfactory results.

Even with products advertised as being gentle, he would break out with a sandpapery rash all over his stomach and I was applying hydrocortisone cream to keep him from scratching his skin until it bled. I asked friends for suggestions and was directed to an article about the benefits of coconut oil when applied topically.

We have Taken the Pledge

Mary Millan, February 2013

In order to display the Natural Ingredient Resource Center "Truth in Labeling" Pledge Seal, or to be able to have your listing on the website, participants must voluntarily pledge to follow the NIRC Criteria for labeling natural ingredients and products.

Please support organizations who provide quality natural ingredients.  You and your family are worth it!

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