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Use with Aura Cacia's essential oils to create an aromatic and aesthetically-pleasing environment in any room.  Follow specific directions for usage for each product.

Ceramic Lamp Ring - Octagon


  • Brand: Aura Cacia
    Ingredients: 1 Ceramic Aromatherapy Lamp Ring.
    Directions: Place the lamp ring with well facing up on a cold light bulb. Add a few drops of Aura Cacia essential oil directly to the ring. Turn on the light. The bulb's heat will gradually diffuse the scent throughout the room.
    Safety Notes: Caution: Light bulbs warm quickly. Please be careful of the hot surface when refreshing the oil in your lamp ring.
    Common Name: Lamp Ring - Ceramic - Octagon
    Bar Code: 0-51381-99828-8
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